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Monday, September 03, 2007

Mena says...

Watch this!!!!!!!!

Don't know if you guys have heard of this series back home but you've got to watch it. I've only just discovered it and I loved it sooo much. If I could sell my sister's left butt cheek to see the second series right now, I would. I would sell mine but I've hardly got any ass as it is. Anyway you can watch the entire 1st series for free at

Don't say I never give you anything.

Listen to this!

Hmmmm Dude sent me this guys CD a while back when we first started getting close and before he started smoking illegal substances(how on earth do expect me to believe that boy ain't smoking weed? It's either that or he crazzzzzzyyy). His name is Kuku. He's a Nigerian based in America. You might have heard of him already, seeing as I tend to be extremely slow sharing with the masses. He's really cool and I can't wait till he comes to play in the UK. Check him out at


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