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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Guys! This sister is saying........

I almost didn't make it today. I was distracted by Hurry up and propose chick and SE chick. The distraction involved a conversation about shaving body parts I won't mention and wee willy winky's.

Shock! Horror. I shouldn't be talking about those things but hey a girls got to take the excitement where she can get it. But it did make me think about how guys maybe don't have it as easy as we think. Hurry up chick said sometimes you meet a guy and he's just the total package...looks, money(yes we are shallow), great personality and come D day all you get is some weird little thing that really shouldn't have bothered coming to the party. Don't get me wrong...I'm not dissing.

In my years of sin (which are now waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy behind me), I was an equal opportunity employer. The way I see it... By the time you get to show me yours and I'll show you mine stage , its a bit too late say "I ain't doing nothing till you find the rest of it" So you just get on with it and hope for the best. I guess what I'm trying to say is I've always pictured guys as having an easy ride in terms of the whole dating thing. We girls worry about our looks, our weight, our clothes, ability to keep a guy interested in and out of bed. I guess I always saw the guys bit as once you get past the asking me out stage what else have you got to worry about?

But things have changed. Its not just women who have to worry about those things anymore. The days when all you had to be was breathing and male to get a girl are over. We Niger girls are more confident within ourselves. We are making our own money, doing our thing and all of a sudden having a guy isn't the be all and end all of everything we do. We've learnt to be a bit more discerning in term of which members of the opposite sex we spend our time with. We are asking what a guy can bring to the table other than his looks and bank balance.. Does he excite me mentally and physically? Can he grow with me? Is he willing to be more than just the man I share my bed with but my best friend? and more importantly is he willing to try that freaky thing they showed on "Desperate Housewives" the other day?

So guys......I apologise to all of you who I ever gave a hard time when you tried to tell me you appreciated my looks(even though you all need to learn how to say these things without the words Yo, baby or sweet thing in the sentence). All of you that tried to step to a sister and got knocked back...STAY STRONG. I personally will try to be kinder. Just like I hope people will get to know me despite the roundness. I hope myself,and other sisters won't judge you all based on what we see(in and out of the bedroom). I have brothers and male friends and I've learnt that boys cry too. You all have hearts that get broken. You worry that your belly ain't as flat as it used be, that your girls eyes seem to wander a tad too long on that guy at the club or that you just aren't cutting it in the sack or out of it.

You've all grown up having learnt that showing your feelings was weak. I guess I forget that its not that you don't care, its just that, maybe sometimes you are all too scared to show you do or simply just don't know how. So to all my brothers...big and small, who still make it a priority to keep chasing us sisters....I salute you.

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TeeJay said...

Its good, very good actually. Just concerned about it being in the public domain and somebody nicking the idea. Might be worthwhile putting the whole thing down first, then getting opinions from a few trusted people.