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Monday, November 21, 2005

ohhhhh! Ain't technology great!

Wow! I've finally found a way to release all my pent up frustration (at being single and round) and aggression(From being lumbered with irritating family and friends who don't appreciate my numerous talents and extreme cuteness), without resorting to extreme violence. Here, I can moan, complain and do as much self gratification as I want. Hurray!!!!!! No more complaints about me clogging up peoples inbox with my intellectual observations such as the fact that I tend to look way hotter first thing in the morning if I fall asleep with my make up on. Take note fella's. Not that any of you will actually get see me first thing in the morning being a Christian and all. I'm not allowed to have any members of the male species in my bed oozing temptation at that time of the day. BAAAAAAAADDDDD THINGS!!!!!!! could happen. I would be happy to send any potential hubby pictures(face only, pervy people) of myself looking way hott first thing in the morning just to prove my point.

Anyway, not sure where to start telling you about my oh so wonderful self( excuse the constant self love. It's an after effect of growing up with philistines who would rather read your diary and give you a complex for the rest of your life, than say hi! you all know who you are).

Well I'm 29 soon to be ...............I'm sorry I can't bring myself to say it. I think we should just stick to me being 29(possibly for the next 5 years). I have a huge family, who I get on great with as long as I don't have to hang around them for long periods of time. Have a love/hate relationship with my job. Love to get paid/hate to work. I'm obsessed with shoes, clothes, accessories, food and day dreaming about Tyrese(mediocre American actor/singer but whoa is he hot). Over the coming days, weeks, months, years as you all get to know me better you will notice a few names constantly popping up. These will be the people that continually frustrate me and try to squash my spirit(you shall not succeed). I might as well introduce you them now so you can all get acquainted

Hurry up and propose Chick(Also known as Bovine Cretin) - Desperate to get married so she can have s.. younger sister.

Bunny go go licious - Rude, annoying soon to be sister in-law with a furry animal fetish.

Ijebu Chick - Even more annoying sister in- law obsessed with her derrière.

SE Chick - Extremely weird stalker friend with a big banana addiction.

IT Dude - Sometimes sensible older brother with a football obsession unfortunately married to Ijebu chick.

Just so Dude - Likes things just right older brother also with a football obsession soon to be completely ensnared by bunny go go licious.

As time goes by you will see why these people are the banes of my life and the reason why I'm neurotic. Anyway can you all go away now as its almost pay day and a girl needs to look busy. Next time we shall try to answer the question "Why is such a hot chick still single???" All you still single ladies might want to take notes so you can avoid the numerous pitfalls I managed to fall into over the years. LEAAAAAARRRRRNNNNNN FROM ME! Bye!

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