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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tell me she didn't just go there?

My HR Manager just sent me this:

You know you need to shake off some weight. All you need is Splina and Shake off.

I have them for sale.

>> Lose excess pounds fast
>> Plumps up the skin and lips.
>> Reduces depth of fine lines and wrinkles
>> Smoothens "crow's feet" lines and reduces furrows.
>> Reduces dark circles around eyes.
>> Promotes skin elasticity.
>> Firms and tightens sagging skin.
>> Reduces visibility of stretch marks.
>> Revitalizes appearance.
>> Helps achieve a glowing radiant complexion.
>> Rejuvenates mature skin.
>> Tones and moisturizes the skin.

The products work. No chemical at all, it is a good and fast way to heal and stay healthy. My mother in-law was cured of Diabetes after I gave her a bottle of Splina to use.

I can send you a registration form. Do you have a spouse? because they too can buy at a reduced rate.

What do you think?

Please tell me I can sue for emotional distress and harassment.

I mean the woman has barely said more than 10 words to me since I started and all of sudden she's sending me slimming ads?

What is with this place? Can't a fat girl just be left alone? And is she implying I'm somehow lacking in all the attributes listed under benefits?

I'm going to the bathroom to take deep, calming breaths because Lord knows if I trash the HR Manager, I definitely will need a new job.

1 comment:

Agonizedtie said...

That is just soooo wrong... where the bitch at?
i am the self appointed avenger for fat girls everywhere... just get a hold of her home address, will be going to her place every night to force fed her.. she will be a cheerful rotund HR manager in no time... she is only using her email access to peddle her 2nd job- which she should not have.. foolish HR people...